Enrolment Agreement

This Agreement has been drawn up in order to make explicit the various terms, conditions and policies affecting a student and the responsibilities of the College in respect of the Licentiate

course. When signed by both the student and the Dean, it becomes mutually binding and effective for both parties. Please, therefore, read carefully before signing.

If you have any queries please contact the Registrar.


Awarding Bodies

The Lic Ac certificate is awarded by the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine upon successful

fulfilment of all Requirements for Graduation as stated in this agreement.

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree is awarded by Kingston University upon successful fulfilment of all Requirements for Graduation as stated in this agreement.



Full attendance is expected for each teaching session. Absence is sometimes unavoidable but if it exceeds 20% it may be necessary for the student to leave her/his group and repeat a minimum of 6 months of that year. For clinical hours 100% attendance is a requirement. If any sessions are missed a replacement session of equal length must be attended.

If a student chooses to suspend her/his studies temporarily, the College cannot guarantee that a place will be available at the time she/he wishes to resume. When studies are resumed, it may be necessary to repeat part of the course and this may include examinations and coursework. Fees applying to the group joined will be payable. There will also be an administration fee.

Responsibility for attending class punctually and regularly rests solely with the student. Persistent lateness may result in the student having to repeat part of the course.

Full participation for the whole session is important especially given the practical nature of many of the classes.



Students are required to pay their course fees in line with the payment options which are sent out with their invoice before the start of each academic year.

Students may not continue onto their next year of study if there are any fees outstanding at the end of their current year. Furthermore, in the Third & Clinical Year, all fees must be paid by the due date shown in order for them to receive their Permission to Practice at the appropriate time.

If a student takes a break from their studies, the fees payable on their return will be those appropriate to the class with which the student will now be studying. In addition, an administration fee of £50 will also be charged unless the student has mitigating circumstances.

If a student needs to repeat a year of study or module(s), they will be charged the current University College of Osteopathy fee (if appropriate) plus a charge for College fees for each module they repeat.

Where a student has enrolled on the basis of funding from a Third Party, e.g. a student loan or Career Development loan, in the event that payment is not received from the Third Party within the expected timeframes the payment of fees will become the student’s responsibility.


Refund Policy

Registration fees and deposits are non-refundable unless the student is not accepted on the course.

If for any reason a student withdraws from the course, course fees paid in advance are refundable on a pro-rata basis as detailed in the College Refund Policy.


Course Structure

It is the aim of the College to maintain a high standard of training and the College is constantly striving to improve the quality and structure of its course. For this reason, the College reserves the right to amend its teaching methods and curriculum as necessary.


Personal Data including Address, Telephone Number and Email

For administrative purposes students are required to provide the College with a current contact address, telephone number and email address and to inform the Registrar or Office Manager of any changes.

Upon enrolment, the College will provide you with an @cicm.org.uk email address, which will be used as the sole email address for all correspondence for the duration of your studies at CICM. It is a requirement that all students access these email facilities frequently.

Outside of the time that you are an enrolled student at the college, your personal email address will be used for correspondence regarding College administration only, no marketing materials will be sent to personal email addresses unless you have opted in to receive these in writing or via our website.

All required personal information collected throughout the enrolment and studying process are stored on a secure, password and firewall protected computer database, which is registered under the Data Protection Act and with the ICO in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 requirements.

Please see the CICM Student Privacy Policy on our website for more details on the collection, management, storage, usage and deletion of personal data.


Exemption Policy

There are no exemptions, but modules completed at a BAAB accredited acupuncture College will be considered for APL.


Dress and Behaviour

Students are expected to dress in a manner consistent with the professional image of the College. Students are not allowed to attend classes or the clinic under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.


Transferring Groups

Changing from one group to another after enrolling is possible provided that space is available in another group. The fee for the new class will be applied.

Applications to change groups should be made in writing to the Dean and will incur a fee.

Students must complete their degree within six years of commencing the course. In exceptional circumstances students may gain exemption on medical grounds.



All examinations and assessments must be passed in accordance with the Programme specification and Kingston University regulations before the student can enter the following year of the course.

If a student fails, the re-sit of a 'must pass' exam they are not eligible to complete the year. If they are receiving a loan from the Student Loan Company, the College will notify the Student Loan Company that they are no longer a student at the College.

Students will be given dates for the submission of all coursework at the beginning of each year of the course. All coursework must be submitted by the due date and responsibility for submitting the work rests solely with the student. A student is only eligible to sit the end of year theory

and practical exams if they are fully up-to-date with their fees and if all coursework has been submitted on time. If the student’s coursework does not meet the required standard, she/he may have to repeat the work and persistent failure to meet the required standard may result in the student having to repeat part of the course or be dismissed from the College.


Re-sits and Deferrals at all Levels

If a student fails a ‘must pass’ assessment or a module, he/she may be offered the opportunity to re-sit. If the re-sit is passed the student may continue to progress through the course with his/her year group. If the student fails, the re-sit he/she will have the opportunity to defer and do one first take and one re-sit with the following group.

Further information on resits, withdrawals and mitigating circumstances is available in the Student



Academic Misconduct

All coursework must be the student’s own work. If any student is found to have engaged in plagiarism or cheated in any assessment she/he will be subject to the College’s procedure on cheating in assessment.


Treating Patients

For the well-being of all patients, the College and students, treatment of any person outside of the College with acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping or Tui Na before receiving a Licentiate certificate from the College is forbidden and will be regarded as a very serious offence.

This includes the student treating her or himself for any reason. If you already practise some form of acupuncture or moxibustion, including ear acupuncture, you must obtain permission to continue practising from the Dean. You need to be covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance and be bound by a Code of Ethics.

It is also important that students do not lead another person to believe that they are qualified in the field that they are studying while they are on the course and that they do not give a diagnosis or treatment or advice without supervision.

All students are required to fill in a Fitness to Practice form each year they are attending the course.


Practical classes

As part of the development of acupuncture point location skills, students are expected to mark on their classmates and have marked on themselves, acupuncture points, which are located all over the body and on the head.

Students will therefore be required to palpate and receive palpation from both male and female students and members of staff.

Appropriate disrobing will therefore be necessary in the classroom.

In some subjects, participation involves the practice of specific techniques such as needling, moxibustion, Tui Na and cupping. It is important that you notify your teacher (including qigong teachers) if there are any major conditions affecting your health, including pregnancy, or any reason

why you feel it would not be appropriate for you to participate in a particular session e.g some techniques might not be appropriate if you are pregnant or have a cold.

Students will also be required to take out appropriate insurance or sign a disclaimer to protect them

Selves when practising practical techniques outside the College.



Students must observe confidentiality with regard to information available to them whether divulged by other classmates, staff or patients. This is an essential attribute of a healthcare practitioner and in the classroom this allows learning and exploration in a safe environment. Confidential information should not be disclosed outside the teaching environment, even to friends or relatives, without the patient’s written consent.


Future Employment and Registration

Acceptance onto the programme does not constitute a promise of employment or certification.

Students should be aware that acceptance onto the programme and award by the College of the Lic Ac certificate does not guarantee your eligibility for registration with the British Acupuncture Council or any successor regulator. The regulation of the profession is currently under review and students will need to keep themselves informed of the latest proposals. If it is clear to us from the data you provide in the Declaration on Criminal Records and Fitness to Study and Practise that you would not meet the British Acupuncture Council's current criteria for registration, we will use our reasonable endeavours to draw this to your attention prior to you commencing the course. [In this event and provided that you act promptly and in any event prior to the commencement of the course, you may cancel your enrolment with the College and we will refund any fees you have already paid.] However, the College accepts no liability in respect of a student's eligibility for registration with the British Acupuncture Council or any successor regulator, whether such ineligibility relates to data provided in the Declaration or otherwise.


Complaints Procedure

Informal complaints can be taken up with a member of staff. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you should write to the Dean giving details. The College’s grievance procedure is in the Student Handbook.


Appeals Procedure

Students may make appeals in the first instance to the Academic Director if they feel that an incorrect procedure has been followed in the context of assessment (coursework and examinations).


Equal Opportunities

The College is committed to the development of anti-discriminatory practice towards any individual or group of people. To this end the College will endeavour to provide a learning and working environment in which each individual has an equal opportunity to realise her or his full potential. All students are expected to share this commitment and to develop their knowledge, skills and self-awareness in this area.

This requires that students are respectful of others, being willing to consider their beliefs and opinions and that students are willing to treat others with civility, courtesy and dignity. A respectful attitude is an essential attribute of a healthcare professional and this may require practice e.g. taking time to consider another’s opinion before expressing your own.

It is important that students are able to work with the diversity of the student group irrespective of age, body shape, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins etc.


Computer Use

Students using internet access at the College are forbidden to make illegal downloads, access pornographic sites or use it for any illegal purposes. Students doing so will be liable to disciplinary action.



Photographs of classes and college activities may be taken at times. The student agrees that these may be used for promotional and teaching purposes by the college without requiring any further waiver.


College Policies and Procedures

Students must agree to abide by all College and  University College of Osteopathy Policies and procedures.


Requirements for Graduation

Requirements for the Degree and Licentiate in Acupuncture certificate being issued are that the student has completed the weekly clinical practice of the third year and has:

  1. Obtained insurance for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity
  2. Provided evidence of the relevant Local Authority registration
  3. Demonstrated satisfactory clinical competence with respect to diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment skills, sensitivity to patients and patient management
  4. Carried out the minimum number of treatments under supervision and observation of treatments
  5. Completed and handed in all coursework assignments on time and passed all examinations.
  6. Paid all tuition and other fees in full
  7. Completed any special requirements specified by clinical supervisors.


I have received a copy, read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement as signified below. I understand my overall health to be good.


Applicant’s signature:


Applicant’s name (printed):


The College agrees:

  • To provide good quality classroom teaching and clinical supervision in accordance with the curriculum in the College prospectus.
  • To provide appropriate facilities.
  • To make assessment and examination standards clear and to provide the student with feedback so that unsatisfactory performance which would indicate a failure to graduate or pass from year 1 to year 2 or year 2 to year 3 may be improved.
  • Not to change course content unless it improves the training and the student competence.
  • To give any student who has been suspended the right to a hearing to discuss/clarify the reasons for suspension and what is required for re-admission.
  • To abide by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR) 2018. Please see the CICM Student Privacy Policy on our website for more details.

All personal data and information that you provide to us will be processed in accordance with GDPR and will only be used for the purposes of your application and undertaking studies at our college.

On behalf of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine the above student is accepted for the Degree and Licentiate in Acupuncture course. The College agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.




  • "I wanted to become an acupuncturist because I had experienced its amazing benefits…studying acupuncture at CICM was one of the best decisions in my life.”

    Ehsan Salout

  • "I love the teaching at CICM, it is varied, interesting and extremely inspiring and the teachers all have a wealth of experience to draw on.”

    Keeley Farrington

  • “CICM was suggested by an acupuncturist I know and recommended for its high-quality tuition and professional approach. I knew I wanted to explore a degree course and after my open day experience I knew it had to be CICM.”

    Michelle Patrick

  • "I recently joined CICM and there are so many things I love about the place. The teachers are genuinely helpful and want us to do well. The place has a calm, harmonic feel and studying has already had a tangible benefit to my lifestyle and health."

    Erica Chen

  • "I was an electrician before I started studying acupuncture. It might not seem like it but there are overlaps between them, you look at a circuit and work out where the problem is coming from and then rectify it. The difference is with acupuncture I’ll help people to get better!"

    Jack Keeping

  • "Since embarking on this course, I have been astounded every day by the passion that this subject has sparked in me. I realised very quickly that I was in the right place, doing the right thing. I can only describe it as finally finding my place in the universe and becoming part of something much bigger than myself."

    Sally Connelly

  • "I wanted to become an acupuncturist as I prefer to use natural remedies which are in line with my faith and cultural background. I have witnessed the profound effects treatment can have on patients. CICM has an excellent reputation and I love the whole package here, especially the staff and supportive teachers."

    Bev Holder

  • "I appreciated the integrated style of TCM and the five elements as being the most profound way to reach and help people. This was the best possible start to a long acupuncture career that I could possibly wish for."

    Bethan Morgan

  • "My years at CICM will always hold a special place in my mind. It was like entering Hogwarts. The subjects are mind-expanding, the teachers and tutors really passionate and always keen to answer questions and give guidance. It has transformed me as a person and changed the way I see people, emotions, relationships, disease and health."

    Efthymios Fotenios

  • The teachers are really supportive and make every effort to tailor how they teach to suit the different styles of students. I like to question things and look at things from different angles - and the teachers have always supported me by being there to answer things by email after class, recommend further reading, or even being there to support me when I set up a Chinese medicine society for the college.

    Helen Reid

  • The course covers a huge range of topics, angles and perspectives, and whilst so much of it is new, unfamiliar and challenging at times- especially the 'hands on practical aspects- I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing, or anywhere else I’d rather be doing it. CICM is a hub of connection, commitment and energy, and something I am honoured to be part of.

    Ellie Farnfield

  • All of my teachers are practicing therapists with a library of information and experience to reinforce their words and the lectures. I have gained a lot of insight into myself and I often find myself reflecting on what we learned in class and applying it to life. I am recommending the course to everyone I know!

    Jacob Marley

  • As I was in my late forties I was concerned that I was too old, however the Open Day dispelled any doubts that I had as the age range of students and staff spanned from 18 to 80. The beautiful building was a joy to explore and I felt immersed in the world of Chinese Medicine. It was a cocoon of learning in the heart of Reading and only ten minutes’ walk from the train station.

    Samanthan Roderick