Why choose a degree course?

We are sometimes asked why we run a degree course, rather than just a diploma course.  Setting up a course to be validated by a university in order that our course can be given a degree status is a very lengthy process involving a huge amount of work.  Once the course is up and running we are subject to an enormous amount of scrutiny from many organisations including the validating university, but also from Government organisations such as the Quality Assurance Agency and the Office for Students. 

This scrutiny is regular and ongoing and covers all aspects of the course and student experience including teaching and learning, assessment, learning resources, qualifications of lecturers, student feedback and feedback from external assessors.  We also need to show that we reflect and have a robust system of quality assurance.  Information to potential students and students also needs to be clear and transparent.  We also need to show that we are financially secure and that we have a strong Governance and that we have a system of impartiality built into our decisions.

In short, some of the benefits to our students are:

Financial security - we provide Government bodies with our annual accounts to show we are financial secure and well run

High class teaching - we need to show that our teachers have the necessary qualifications to be teachers and maintain regular training to upskill

Quality Learning - we need to demonstrate that we have suitable teaching and learning resources and that we are investing in the student experience

Accountability - we are accountable to various organisations for all our policies and for all our decisions made

Quality Assurance - we are required to gather student feedback and show that we have acted on it to improve the education that our students receive.  Any complaints must be dealt with fairly and transparently and ultimately our students can complain to the Office for Independent Adjudicators if they feel they unfairly treated

We also believe that providing a degree in acupuncture is important for the future of the profession and give us great pride in what we do.