"I was looking for a career change and a new direction. I considered massage therapy but, it is hard on the body and acupuncture had successfully rid me of migraines.

I was living in Canada at the time and I was torn between coming back to the UK or studying in Vancouver.  As I looked at books on the subject, I discovered that a lot of the ones I came across were written by staff or people who studied at CICM.  I happened to be back in the UK when there was an open day at college, so I came along and just liked the feel of the place.  It was much more affordable then studying in Canada plus I was able to get a student loan to help pay for it."

Hannah Taylor

Buildings and facilities

The building and facilities

The college has been situated in the heart of Reading at 19 Castle Street since 1995.  In June 2003 we extended our space by acquiring 21 Castle Street.  These elegant, grade 2 listed, Georgian buildings are light and airy and a joy to work and study in.  They are linked directly at first and second floor level. Together they offer us more than 8,000 square feet of space.  Both buildings have been converted to meet our needs.

We have five excellent classrooms including a dedicated area equipped with treatment couches where students can practise point location and other practical work.

We also have a spacious library, photocopying facilities, an IT room and a herb dispensary.

There is an eating area with facilities to heat food and make drinks, two rest areas for students to relax in, a staff common room and a small garden with a seating area.

The college has seventeen treatment rooms used by students during their clinical training, and by qualified practitioners at other times.