"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far and feel very supported, both from teachers, tutors and students alike.

I have gained a greater understanding about myself as well as Chinese medicine.  It is a demanding course; nevertheless, I have surprised myself at my ability of juggling three small children, travel and studying.

Chinese medicine is fascinating and the course is astonishingly rewarding.  The bond that is created between classmates is also humbling.  They too are a massive support during your time spent studying here.

I cannot wait to become a fully qualified acupuncturist, and I would thoroughly recommend this course to others."

Lizzie Bingham

What the BAAB says 


The British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB) maintains and monitors high quality acupuncture training amongst eligible acupuncture teaching institutions.

In 2017 we received a major review from the BAAB and this is what they concluded:


Teaching and learning

"Lectures in specialist areas are delivered by experts in their field and a high quality of teaching is evident.

There is a very good, and appropriate, range of teaching activities, and online learning elements are continuously being developed.  

The 3rd Year clinical handbook is an exemplary roadmap for students on their clinical journey, providing clear information and ensuring that students can document the breadth and depth of their clinical practice". 



"Assessment of students’ clinical work is well thought out and fully appropriate at each level of study.  Learning outcomes are clearly set out and valuable feedback for written and practical assessments is provided.

Overall, the clinic education at the college is delivered at a very high standard, providing a safe and effective learning environment.

There is a good range of assessment methods, appropriate to the learning outcomes, the level, and to the intellectual and skills development of the students.

Clearly articulated assessment criteria for each element of work are provided to students and inform the marking.  A robust system of double marking is in place for all elements of assessment.

The individual feedback to students on coursework is exceptionally clear and helpful and highly regarded by the students, and praised by the external examiners".


Examples of effective practice

There is an excellent "mechanism for spreading good practice and encouraging critical self-reflection" amongst teachers.

Management of the teaching team "provides a strong sense of inclusion and community".

"The staff have a strong and supportive relationship with students enabling them to be confident and critically engaged".

"The quality of the feedback given to students on their written coursework, and practical skills, which is individual, positive and helpful, and which is highly praised by the students".

The regional support groups, (small groups with a tutor, based at a geographical location more convenient for the students) provide "regular additional support for students in a range of skills and topics tailor-made to the student groups’ needs and are highly valued by the students".


College management

"The college is well-managed with good staffing provision and other resources".

"Staff are strongly supported, with an active approach to development and there is an excellent range of written material outlining all processes. There is a robust approach to regular monitoring and evaluation, at course and module level".