"I find it very difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why I studied and in many ways acupuncture found me, rather than me finding it. I started the application process with an idea that it would be an interesting career and would qualify me to have a profession in which I can be self-employed.

Since embarking on this course, I have been astounded everyday by the passion that this subject has sparked in me. I realised very quickly that I was in the right place, doing the right thing. I can only describe it as finally finding my place in the universe and becoming part of something much bigger than myself. There is a sense that acupuncture stretches back through history with the ‘baton’ of knowledge being passed forward through the hands of many gifted practitioners, which I find quite magical. It has given me a sense of empowerment, purpose, a deeper understanding of myself, and the ultimate gift - to help others.

For me the feel and vibe of CICM was really important and I felt comfortable here from the moment I arrived for the open day. The reputation of the college goes without saying! have made.

One of the many things I love about CICM is the range of teachers on the faculty. Each and everyone has an exceptional level of experience and passion and all offer a different approach to learning and teaching. Many have trained at CICM, giving them a unique insight into the rigours and demands of the course and the support required throughout. There is always someone to help with any issue or question that is raised, the support is exceptional."

Sally Connelly

Weekday / weekend courses

There are 2 options available to students, you can choose to study either a weekday or a weekend course.  Both courses are full time and last 3 years and both courses follow the same curriculum.  All graduates are awarded a BSc from University College of Osteopathy.

For the weekday course the intake starts in the autumn and students attend every Monday and Tuesday similar to a school term time with half term breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer.  In the clinical phase which is the last 9 months of the course, attendance is every Tuesday with some additional classes on the Monday.

The weekend intake starts in the spring each year and attendance is approx every other weekend.  The terms are longer and with shorter holidays but breaks are still included at Christmas, Easter and in the summer.  In the clinical phase in the third year attendance is every week.

For more details about the dates please contact Jo Brown