Paediatrics diploma course introduction




"This course has succeeded in giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to treat babies, toddlers and teens.  For anyone who wants to treat children with acupuncture, I can’t recommend this course enough to you.   Rebecca is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had."  (Olivia)


"I am delighted that I made the decision to take this course.  It is both informative and practical.  Different treatment techniques are covered throughout the course with observation of children and treatments in class.  It is absolutely rewarding to see how well they respond to treatments.  I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to be fluent and confident in treating children." (Albina)


"I am currently half way through the course but already feel much more confident in treating children.  In addition to an improved general understanding of paediatric treatment, I have learned a number of treatment modalities as alternatives to needles; the result of which is my younger patients trust me and enjoy the treatment. The course is very well organised and delivered and is very informative. I thoroughly recommend it." (Alla)


"It a wonderfully informative and supportive course that has given me the confidence I needed to start treating children. It is also enormously enjoyable."(Deborah)


"The course is extremely well delivered and has helped me improve as a practitioner." (Karina)


"The course is very well-structured with lots of practical advice and guidance.  It has taught me to understand and treat babies and children of all ages."  (Alina)


"A really interesting and informative course, delivered in a relaxed and supportive environment." (Penny)


"I had the chance to take the paediatric course at the College of Integrated Chinese medicine in Reading, UK. I learnt a lot about this field and the teaching has been very well organised, very clear and effective.  The clinical and practical days have been very useful. We had quizzes and exercises to do online which led me to learn more. Our principal teacher, Rebecca Avern was always there to answer to our questions and encourage us. The method of the teaching had been based on both TCM and the 5 elements. I enjoyed the course a lot!"  (Rokhanseh)


"Rebecca is an incredible tutor; the paediatric diploma has allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills to open up a paediatric clinic close to home.  I’m looking forward to spreading the word about how brilliant acupuncture is for babies, children and teens." (Vida)


Paediatrics diploma 2024

This in-depth course will enable you to expand your practice to treat the whole family.  It will fully equip you to treat babies, children and teenagers for a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. 


  • It has an extensive practical component – 4 days of learning and 4 days of clinical experience, meaning you will graduate already feeling confident to treat children.
  • The theory taught via Zoom is all live teaching (no pre-recorded sessions). We create a classroom atmosphere, with ample opportunity for questions and discussion, without the need for travel.
  • However, all the Zoom classes are recorded so you will have the opportunity to re-listen to them after if you would like to.
  • The class size is kept small – a maximum of 20 people, meaning you will get the time and attention that you require.
  • The lead teacher is Rebecca Avern who has more clinical experience treating children than anybody else in the world we are aware of!
  • The course is taught by 4 different teachers, so you will gain a variety of perspectives.
  • You will have a day with a Western paediatric consultant, so you feel confident to recognise red flags in your clinic and communicate with doctors.
  • There will be a class WhatsApp group creating the opportunity for discussion between lectures.
  • The course is comprehensive – you will leave equipped to treat children of all ages for a wide variety of conditions.

You will be part of a small class.  An emphasis is placed on making the classes not only fascinating and informative, but also enjoyable, collaborative and supportive. 

All course materials and recordings of the live zoom lectures will be accessible on an online learning platform, which will also host a group forum where participants are encouraged to share ideas and ask questions.

This is a modular course.  You are only awarded a diploma if you complete all 3 modules. Participants may choose any of the following options:

  • Modules 1 and 2
  • All 3 modules
  • Practitioners who have previously done Rebecca’s TCM Academy online course may choose modules 2 and 3, without doing module 1. Please provide evidence of completion when applying

Module 1 – Chinese medicine paediatric theory

9 days which will be taught as live lessons via zoom

These days will cover:

  • TCM and 5 Element paediatric basics
  • Key paediatric pathologies
  • Aetiology of childhood illnesses
  • Diagnosis and treatment of most commonly seen paediatric conditions
  • Western medical paediatric conditions and red flags

 Module 2 – Paediatric Practical skills 

4 days, all taught at the college

These days will cover:

  • Paediatric tui na
  • Shonishin
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Moxa, cupping and gua sha for children

 Module 3 – Paediatric clinical

4 days of treating children, all at the college

These days will cover:

  • Treating children under supervision in the college clinic
  • Discussion of patients
  • Refining practical skills


There are no written exams.  Assessment will take place as the course progresses, in the following way:

  • Short answer questions, done online, between each theory day to check your understanding of the previous day
  • Keeping an ongoing portfolio based on what you see, read and listen to in your daily life that is related to children
  • Assessment of clinical skills will take place during the clinical days

You will also be asked to carry out pre-reading before each theory day. 

Dates and cost 2024:

The course costs £2,800 for all 3 modules and there is an early bird discount of £150 if you pay fees in full by the 31st July 2024

There is also the option to take modules 1 and 2 for only £2200, with an early bird discount of £100 if you pay your fees in full by the 31st July 2024.  Payments can be made in installments by monthly direct debit.

£100 non-refundable application fee secures a place on the course and is offset against the fees. 

The course runs from 10.00-17.00.  The clinical days in module 3 may end a little later, at approximately 6pm.


Theory module (9 days on zoom – 10am-5pm - on Wednesdays)

11th September 24

25th September 24

9th October 24

23rd October 24

20th November 24

4th December 24

8th January 25

5th February 25

19th February 25


Practical module (4 days in college – 10am-5pm - Wednesdays and Thursdays)

6 & 7 November 24

22 & 23 January 25 


Clinical module (4 days in college – 10am – 6pm - Wednesdays)

5th March 25 

12th March 25 

19th March 25

26th March 25


Entry Requirements

A recognised qualification in acupuncture.  Pre-reading will be suggested for those who have not studied either five element or TCM as both are covered on the course. 

How to apply

Download an application here and email to Jo Brown, Registrar. To pay the £100 application fee please click here.


Rebecca Avern (course director and principal teacher)

Rebecca is one of the world’s leading authorities on paediatric acupuncture.  She teaches paediatrics both at undergraduate and post-graduate level, in the UK, online and internationally.  Her clinical work is solely with children, both in her private paediatric practice and a low cost community clinic for children, the first of its kind.  She is the author of the textbook Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers, which is now used in colleges all over the world.   She has also written a book for parents and practitioners called Chinese Medicine for Childhood Anxiety and Depression.  Rebecca is known for her clear and warm teaching, which is based upon her experience of working with hundreds of children and their families.

Danny Blyth (teacher)

Danny practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine on adults and children in Cheltenham.  Graduating from CICM in 1998, he has post-graduate diplomas in Chinese language (Mandarin), Chinese herbal medicine, academic practice (PGCAP), and a certificate in paediatric acupuncture from Julian Scott.  He has undertaken further studies at Guangdong second provincial Chinese medicine hospital, and clinical training with Ken Lloyd over a seven year period.  He has taught acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition at graduate and post-graduate level since 2001, and taichi and qigong since 1995.  

Lynn Diskin (Conventional medicine teacher)

Lynn is a mother of two, has worked in paediatrics for nearly 20 years and has been a consultant paediatrician in Bath since 2013.  She manages children with a range of general paediatric problems in both acute and outpatient settings and specialises in managing young people with diabetes and renal problems.  She is a firm believer in acupuncture and has seen its benefits on her own children.

Julian Scott (guest teacher)

Julian has been treating children for 40 years.  He first qualified at ICOM and then studied further in China.  He is the author of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children, which transformed the perception and practice of paediatric acupuncture in the West.  He has co-founded children’s clinics in England, Israel and the USA.  He lectures on paediatrics as well as other topics internationally.


  • "I wanted to become an acupuncturist because I had experienced its amazing benefits…studying acupuncture at CICM was one of the best decisions in my life.”

    Ehsan Salout

  • "I love the teaching at CICM, it is varied, interesting and extremely inspiring and the teachers all have a wealth of experience to draw on.”

    Keeley Farrington

  • “CICM was suggested by an acupuncturist I know and recommended for its high-quality tuition and professional approach. I knew I wanted to explore a degree course and after my open day experience I knew it had to be CICM.”

    Michelle Patrick

  • "I recently joined CICM and there are so many things I love about the place. The teachers are genuinely helpful and want us to do well. The place has a calm, harmonic feel and studying has already had a tangible benefit to my lifestyle and health."

    Erica Chen

  • "I was an electrician before I started studying acupuncture. It might not seem like it but there are overlaps between them, you look at a circuit and work out where the problem is coming from and then rectify it. The difference is with acupuncture I’ll help people to get better!"

    Jack Keeping

  • "Since embarking on this course, I have been astounded every day by the passion that this subject has sparked in me. I realised very quickly that I was in the right place, doing the right thing. I can only describe it as finally finding my place in the universe and becoming part of something much bigger than myself."

    Sally Connelly

  • "I wanted to become an acupuncturist as I prefer to use natural remedies which are in line with my faith and cultural background. I have witnessed the profound effects treatment can have on patients. CICM has an excellent reputation and I love the whole package here, especially the staff and supportive teachers."

    Bev Holder

  • "I appreciated the integrated style of TCM and the five elements as being the most profound way to reach and help people. This was the best possible start to a long acupuncture career that I could possibly wish for."

    Bethan Morgan

  • "My years at CICM will always hold a special place in my mind. It was like entering Hogwarts. The subjects are mind-expanding, the teachers and tutors really passionate and always keen to answer questions and give guidance. It has transformed me as a person and changed the way I see people, emotions, relationships, disease and health."

    Efthymios Fotenios

  • The teachers are really supportive and make every effort to tailor how they teach to suit the different styles of students. I like to question things and look at things from different angles - and the teachers have always supported me by being there to answer things by email after class, recommend further reading, or even being there to support me when I set up a Chinese medicine society for the college.

    Helen Reid

  • The course covers a huge range of topics, angles and perspectives, and whilst so much of it is new, unfamiliar and challenging at times- especially the 'hands on practical aspects- I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing, or anywhere else I’d rather be doing it. CICM is a hub of connection, commitment and energy, and something I am honoured to be part of.

    Ellie Farnfield

  • All of my teachers are practicing therapists with a library of information and experience to reinforce their words and the lectures. I have gained a lot of insight into myself and I often find myself reflecting on what we learned in class and applying it to life. I am recommending the course to everyone I know!

    Jacob Marley

  • As I was in my late forties I was concerned that I was too old, however the Open Day dispelled any doubts that I had as the age range of students and staff spanned from 18 to 80. The beautiful building was a joy to explore and I felt immersed in the world of Chinese Medicine. It was a cocoon of learning in the heart of Reading and only ten minutes’ walk from the train station.

    Samanthan Roderick