Study trips to China

The College arranges clinical study trips to China to study acupuncture, tuina and Chinese herbal medicine in collaboration with Guangdong second provincial Chinese medicine hospital. Following a highly successful trip in 2013, CICM’s Danny Blyth will be leading the next study group to GuangZhou in November 2015. This page will be updated regularly as details are firmed up, but if you have questions in the meantime, please email Danny at

What the trip offers

A chance for 10 days of study in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na or Nutrition in a modern TCM hospital with 20 clinical departments treating 2,000 patients per day in a completely integrated way. This will include lectures, clinical observations in small groups, and practical skill sessions with the hospital's finest Professors.

A translator is provided for each small group of 2-4 people. These are drawn from undergraduates and junior doctors so they have knowledge of Chinese Medicine as well as English.

Our 4 free days will include a city tour to temples and museums, excursions to beautiful Chinese countryside and parkland, and a chance to sample a more relaxed China. There will be some opportunity in the evenings for shopping, river trips, tea ceremonies and karaoke! There will also be an opportunity for morning Qi Gong in the park led by Danny.


Dates are confirmed as Friday 6th November - Sunday 22nd November 2015.
A direct flight is possible from Heathrow to GuangZhou International Airport, a short drive from the hospital.


Costs are close to being confirmed and likely to be in the region of £2,800, including direct flights, accommodation, food, tuition and excursions.


Comfortable and modest individual rooms a short walk from the hospital with en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning.

Guangzhou Basics

GuangZhou is the Capital of Guangdong province in Southern China. Formerly known as Canton in the West, GuangZhou has been a gateway to China for foreign travellers for many centuries. Today GuangZhou is recognised as one of the most prosperous, liberal and cosmopolitan cities in China. Although a major city, GuangZhou boasts the largest urban park in China, The Shamian Dao - an island of refurbished colonial buildings, where it is possible to take a step back in time and escape the bustle of the city streets. GuangZhou is regarded as one of the best places to eat in China and is famous for its old, established restaurants and for the more adventurous there are countless eateries lining the back alleys offering a wide array of delights!

The climate in GuangZhou is sub tropical, with the best weather found in Spring and Autumn. October is a pleasant time to visit with temperatures around 20-25°C – be prepared for a hot and humid climate.

The currency is the RMB or Chinese Yuan.


GuangZhou is a relatively safe city, but as with all major cities, there are some parts that should be avoided such as the train stations where pick pocketing is common. It is advisable to stay in groups rather than travel around alone and avoid wearing expensive jewellery or carrying large amounts of cash. The accommodation has 24 hour security staff and is in a relatively quiet area of the city.

There are currently no compulsory vaccines necessary for this part of China but as with most Asian countries, there are some advised. Check out with your local pharmacy or GP surgery, which vaccines are recommended. Apart from the normal tourist vaccinations, you should also consider Hepatitis B, as you will be working in a Hospital.

The hospital will send out an invitation letter prior to the trip, you will then have the choice to either visit the Chinese Embassy (London or Manchester) to apply for and collect your visa or obtain your visa through China Visa Direct (recommended).

This page will be updated as details are firmed up. If you have any questions in the meantime please email Danny at