"As a mature student I really appreciated the opportunity CICM gave me to make a complete career change. I have never looked back.

The training I received at CICM gave me the skills and confidence needed to run a busy full time acupuncture clinic for the past 5 years. My Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture has opened more doors than I could have ever imagined."

Gerry Beattie, graduated 2006

"The most amazing thing for me is that you can help to change lives, and still continue to learn new things every day.

Being an acupuncturist fits perfectly with having a family. I have two young children but my working hours are flexible so I am able to work two or three days a week."

Lorraine Canning, graduated 1998

Where might I work?

Graduates of the College practise in a variety of situations. Some work in group practices in a clinic; some work on their own from home, or from rented premises; some work in multi-bed settings; some work in group practices with other alternative health practitioners, or with GPs; a few work in hospitals, employed by the NHS. Cooperative working with the medical profession has increased recently as many GPs controlling their own budgets are choosing to include acupuncture amongst the services they provide.

Keeping in touch with our graduates

After graduating from this College, students not only experience the excitement and satisfaction of treating patients, they also become part of the wider community of acupuncturists. Students often comment on the community spirit found within the College and are pleased to find that this continues long after they have graduated. Most graduates continue to keep in contact with and gain support from their fellow students.

The College also keeps in regular contact with its graduates and we encourage them to maintain contact with us if they wish. The College building, library and facilities remain available to all who qualify in acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine. We keep graduates up to date with developments at the College by post. This includes information about our programme of continuing professional development (seminars and workshops mainly of one or two days duration, open to anyone with a TCM qualification), and graduate days, provided exclusively for College graduates.

After they have qualified we encourage graduates to join supervision groups or have individual supervision. Graduates say they enjoy the opportunity supervision groups provide for them to meet and compare ideas about their practice, and to discuss patients and patient management issues with their peers. They value the ongoing mutual support which results from these sessions.