"I can't wait to continue on my studies with the rest of my classmates over the coming years, it’s going to be an experience I will never forget and will always draw from"

Laura Jones, 3rd year student

What Are the Benefits of Having Acupuncture?

Acupuncture works by the insertion of needles into the energy pathways of the body. The needles release blocks in the energy channels and stimulate the flow of energy to specific organs. As a result, your ability to heal yourself is activated. Usually, your symptoms are relieved first and then you will feel greater well-being, although you can feel better in yourself first and then the symptoms are relieved. How long this takes is often related to how long you have had the problems.

The results from our Teaching Clinic have been carefully audited and the results published. Over a six year period, over 80% of patients reported a good change both in their symptoms and their overall feeling of well-being. These results were based on ten treatments or less. Some patients with long standing complaints can take longer (you can read about the research here).

You have two options for treatment here at the College:

  • The Teaching Clinic where you are treated by a final year student under the close supervision of an experienced clinical supervisor. These treatments are offered at a reduced price, are only available on specific days, they may take longer because of the supervision process and give a high standard of care.

  • A College Clinic practitioner - These treatments are by experienced practitioners, usually take less time and call on their many years of experience.

  • To enquire, ring the College on 0118 950 8880.

If you are searching for a practitioner elsewhere and want to be treated by a CICM graduate, please call our admin team on 0118 950 8880 and they will be able to guide you.