Refund Policy


Registration fees of £50 are non-refundable unless a student is not accepted on the course. Deposits for the course are also non-refundable.  If circumstances arise which prevent an applicant taking up a place immediately the College will hold the applicant’s application and deposit on account for a period of three years during which time they can re-apply without paying any further fees.  After three years the application fee and deposit are both payable again.

Course fees are non-refundable except for fee instalments paid in advance. Students have the option to pay fees by instalments over the academic year.  When some or all of the fee instalments are paid in advance (eg one lump sum at the start of the academic year), instalments which have not yet fallen due are refundable to the student, or in the case of a loan to the lender. In cases where a refund is due, fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

If a student decides to “interrupt” or “defer” their studies, the student may offset their “unused” fees paid against those due when they return to their studies.


CPD courses:

Refunds cannot be made unless at least two weeks notice is given.

If a student wishes to cancel a CPD course, at least two weeks’ notice needs to be given to the College.  Monies paid will either be refunded or can be used as payment/part payment for another CPD course.

If the College needs to cancel a CPD course, the student will be informed within two weeks of the course date and the College will then refund the cost of the course but not fares or accommodation. The College will accept no liability beyond the course fee.

Exceptional Circumstances

In exceptional circumstances not covered above, the Finance Manager and Dean acting together have discretion to agree refunds when this is judged to be fair and appropriate.