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Shen-hammer pulse diagnosis - Dr. Shen’s system model and liu jing

Date(s): 6 - 8 September 2024

Time: 10am-5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture graduates

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Consider this CPD course an introduction to Classical Chinese Medicine as well as a powerful pulse diagnostic method to enhance clinical results.

In pulse diagnosis we often focus on details. And details are important... But I love to start with the big picture – big things are big.

In the Shen-Hammer pulse tradition Dr Shen formulated a Systems Model. To put it short; it’s about Liu Jing, the Six Conformations. We can follow the 6 sweeping motions of Liu Jing on the pulse. We start with palpating what we call the entire pulse, so the entire artery (from cun to chi) is palpated with 3 fingers used as one unit. The entire right side reflects Digestive System, the entire left side reflects Organ System. Dr Shen said that the Digestive System produces the left.

If we superimpose Taijitu (yin-yang symbol) onto the wrist, we have a direct reflection of yin-yang balance in our organism. Right side produces the left. Right side of the pulse reflects vertical descend in Yangming and our ability to turn incoming imperial fire into position – which is Shaoyang functionality - so it can change direction and become our ministerial fire that works from position. Left is then produced so we can express back up and out – this is a movement from North to South through the East.



Claus has taught pulse diagnosis for more than a decade around Europe and the US. At the Rothenberg Congress 2022 he gave a lecture on Dr Shen’s Systems Model and Liu Jing. Most of this will also be taught in this seminar. Claus is a CICM graduate from 2002.

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