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How acupuncture can help reverse the fertility decline

Date(s): 04 July 2024

Time: 10am-5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture graduates

Venue: This is an online course

To get the most out of this course, we highly recommend that participants attend live. However, it will be recorded and the replay made available for anyone unable to attend live.

The issue of declining fertility among men and women has become increasingly prevalent.

This troubling trend manifests starkly, with a vast majority of men showing alarmingly low normal sperm percentages, often as low as 1%. Similarly, an increasing number of women in their early 30s are presenting with reduced AMH levels and antral follicle counts, often facing pressure to undergo In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedures prematurely due to fears of time pressures and thus further diminishing fertility.

This is an urgent issue, but there is hope.

Acupuncture can help make all the difference by both improving the quality of sperm and eggs, and increasing the sperm and follicle count, hereby playing a crucial role in restoring fertility and reversing the rapid decline.

During this day, you will:
  •  Gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes contributing to the rapid decline in fertility in both males and females
  • Master the art of precise diagnosis, formulate robust treatment principles, and apply effective acupuncture treatments tailored to individual needs.
  • Offer targeted, personalised dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle advice to complement treatment plans and optimize fertility.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the physiological aspects and the conventional Western medical approaches to treating fertility issues in men and women.
  • Confidently interpret medical tests and be able to explain clearly to your clients.

This course aims not just to inform but to empower you, the acupuncturist, to become a pivotal force in combating the fertility crisis. You'll emerge with the capability to transform despair into hope for countless couples striving to overcome the challenges of fertility.


"Jill's excellent clear communication. The notes are very good" A.H
"Lively presentation, very impressive" K.P
"The clarity of the explanations, the brilliant diagrams, the enthusiasm of the lecturer, the very applied nature of the course."  T.W
"Clearly presented. Good, sound, knowledgeable"  M.P

"Very clear and professional as always from Jill, excellent presenter"  C.W

"What an inspiring and informative seminar! Jill Glover’s confident and engaging presentation made it quite clear that she is a master of TCM fertility treatment. Her attention to the biochemistry of fertility sat easily side-by-side with her teaching on TCM, and I would recommend her seminars to any acupuncturist who is serious about helping women and men with fertility issues." C.D


Jill Glover has spent over 35 years using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to enhance and support the many transitions in women’s lives. She combines her knowledge of Chinese medicine and biomedical tests and treatments to inform both her practice and her teaching. Jill specialises in treating male & female infertility, and is passionate about educating men to improve their fertility. 
She runs a busy complementary health clinic in Bristol, and has been a teacher at CICM since its inception in 1993.

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