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Getting better at getting the CF

Date(s): 17 November 2022

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: All

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

The CF day is back! You are invited to attend a one-day ‘oral tradition’ seminar with Angie Hicks and John Hicks. 

To find the constitutional/causative factor (CF), practitioners examine colour, sound, emotion and odour. They also notice patients’ core beliefs, values, and fundamental attitudes to life. When we talk about these things, we give strong pointers to our CF. During the day we will hear people with the same CF discussing what really matters to them. The atmosphere of support and trust that is generated in the group enables us to gain a profound sense of the qualities for every CF group. 

These days are an opportunity for all of us to find out about CFs from the place that counts – ourselves!  The only requirement is that you know your own CF. Angie and John look forward to seeing all of you who come.   

Many of you return because each day is different, allowing your insight to deepen each time you come.  For those who have previously attended, the course is £30. 


Angela and John Hicks, are Co-Founders and Presidents of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and have been acupuncturists since the mid 70s. Together they have pioneered the integrated style of acupuncture which brings together the strengths of TCM and Five Element theory. They have written extensively about Chinese medicine, are advanced practitioners of NLP and practise qigong.

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