Deferral Policy

Students may defer from the course for a number of reasons including maternity leave, health reasons, financial reasons and personal reasons.  Students who have failed modules will be required by the Module and Programme Board either to re-sit the failed assessment or repeat the failed module.


Requests to defer

All requests to defer or to re-join the course must be made in writing to the Dean. It is the Dean’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements for the student to defer or re-join are made with the minimum of difficulty and delay for the student. It is the Dean’s responsibility to inform the Registrar and other relevant staff of the student’s deferral.


Re-joining the course

Students may re-join the course at the point at which they left provided their assessments and attendance record are up to date.

A returning student must give the Dean 6 weeks’ notice of their wish to re-join the course. The Dean is responsible for arranging their return to the course and notifying the College staff.

Students who intend to re-join the course are allowed to attend Regional Support Groups during their period of absence from the College

No student can be guaranteed a place in a particular class as the class may be at full capacity. This is clearly explained to the student when they defer.


Time limit for completing degree

It is a requirement of Kingston University that all students must complete their degree within nine years of first registration.



Modules previously passed need not be repeated however long a period of time has elapsed. The College reserves the right, however, to insist upon an assessment of competency to ensure that the student’s knowledge is sufficient to enable them to re-join the course. This is most likely to be invoked if the student is re-joining at the clinical stage of the programme.

Students due to re-sit assessments will be given guidance on how to prepare, including attendance at relevant lectures and practical sessions.



There is a £50 fee for changing classes. All students who defer are informed of this requirement.  The fee is waived for students transferring class as a result of failed assessments.

Under the terms of the Enrolment Agreement students are liable to pay the entire fees for the year for which they are enrolled. Any student who feels he or she has grounds for exemption from this requirement must write to the EC of the College explaining the circumstances. The EC looks at each case individually and may decide to waive some or all of the outstanding fees.