Admissions complaint and appeals policy

CICM is committed to ensuring that all decisions on admissions are fair, transparent and conducted according to our agreed policies and procedures and to this end the College has adopted the following appeals and complaints policy. No applicant shall be prejudiced or disadvantaged by using this policy. 

This policy and these procedures form a part of the College’s Admissions Policy. 

1.0 Appeals

1.1 An appeal is defined as a request for reconsideration of a decision to reject an application. The College will not normally alter a rejection decision but should a rejected applicant consider that either: 

  • The College has not adhered to its own policies or procedures or is in breach of any national policies or relevant legal requirements: or-
  • There is evidence of bias or prejudice against the applicant

Then he or she is entitled to ask for a review of the decision to reject.

2.0 Complaints

2.1 A complaint may be about: the administration of an application or perception that a College procedure or relevant legal requirement has not been correctly implemented or adhered to when dealing with an application. 

3.0 Procedure

3.1 An applicant wishing to lodge an appeal or to complain should do so, in writing, to the College Registrar. Complaints or appeals will only be considered from the applicant and not from any third party.

  • An applicant wishing to lodge an appeal should do so within 21 days of the date of the email informing him or her of the decision on his or her application.
  • An applicant wishing to make a complaint should do so within 21 days of the matter concerning the complaint.


3.2 If an appeal or complaint is lodged, the College Dean will contact the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the appeal or complaint. The College will endeavour to deal with any appeal or complaint in a timely manner. The applicant will be kept informed of the progress of his or her appeal or complaint if the period of investigation is likely to exceed 30 working days.

3.3 The Dean will investigate the circumstances of the appeal or complaint consulting relevant staff. In certain circumstances the results of the investigation may be passed to Joint Principal - Education for a ruling.

3.4 During the course of the investigation, the applicant may be asked to provide further information on, or clarification of, any points made in his or her initial correspondence. 

4.0 Outcomes

4.1 Appeals

Should the investigation establish that a decision to reject was made in breach of any University policy or procedure or of any national policy or law or if there is evidence of bias or prejudice against the applicant, the application will be reconsidered. Should the reconsideration result in a decision to admit the applicant (subject to any conditions being met), but at such a time in the cycle that the original entry point is not possible, a suitable alternative entry point will be offered.

4.2 Should the investigation determine that the original decision be upheld, the applicant will be informed accordingly with a statement as to why the appeal has been rejected. 

4.3 Complaints

4.4 The investigation of a complaint will result in either the complaint being rejected or upheld wholly or in part. Should a complaint be rejected, the applicant will be informed accordingly with a statement as to why the complaint has been rejected. 

4.5 If the investigation determines that the complaint be upheld in whole or in part, an apology will be issued to the applicant. Should the findings suggest that changes to procedures or policies are appropriate, this will be stated in any correspondence to the applicant.


4.6 Students will also be informed that they are able to contact the Office of Independent Adjudicators to have their complaint formally and independently reviewed.


5.0 Further consideration

5.1 Should an applicant be dissatisfied with the outcome of an appeal or complaint, he or she should write to the Joint Principal stating the reasons for his or her dissatisfaction and the outcome he or she was seeking. The Joint Principal in conjunction with a member of the Governing Body will investigate the appeal or complaint.

5.2 The decision of the Joint Principal and the member of the Governing Body is final. Once this decision has been communicated to the applicant, no further correspondence will be entered into regarding this application.