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The Dynamo of the Meridians: the diaphragm

Date(s): 21 November 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture practitioners and students

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading


The diaphragm is possibly the most important and yet often neglected muscle in the body. It is considered to be the piston that energizes the whole meridian system.

In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Assess the diaphragm’s function through visual diagnosis, palpation, rib expansion and breath holding time.
  • Review the diaphragm’s anatomy and what happens when breathing is impaired, especially during stress.

Learn simple corrective techniques using acupuncture points, applied kinesiology reflexes and breathing exercises.


Qualified acupuncturist since 1979. Since 1998 has studied Japanese approaches in the UK, US, Holland, Spain and Japan. Has studied applied kinesiology since 1980 and uses it alongside acupuncture both diagnostically and therapeutically. Studied nutrition in the 1980’s and became interested in food intolerances and how to diagnose them.

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