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Nurturing the young: Chinese medicine principles to help children thrive

Date(s): 05 November 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture graduates

Venue: This is an online course

This is a day for both practitioners and parents who are interested in how to help children develop into resilient and healthy adults.

Over 1300 years ago, Sūn Sīmião wrote extensively about the importance of nurturing the young.  These days, parents are faced with an overwhelming amount of often contradictory advice about how to raise happy and healthy children.  Yet somehow, we find ourselves with a generation of children many of whom are unhappy and/or chronically ill. 

This online talk will look at why it is vital that babies and children get what they need in the first years of life: what they need and how to go about giving it to them.  We will see how the wisdom of Chinese medicine can be applied to today’s children and how it can help them to thrive.   

You will come away with:

  • An understanding of the unique nature of childhood and children according to Chinese medicine
  • An understanding of aspects of 21st century life that may hinder a child’s growth and development
  • Practical hints and tips which are easy to implement to promote healthy development
  • Effective, non-needling methods to help children through acute illnesses
  • A way of using the 5 element model to create ‘bespoke’ lifestyle advice for every child


Rebecca is a mother of two and an acupuncturist with 19 years of experience. She is a senior lecturer and main clinical supervisor at CICM. She teaches paediatrics at graduate and post-graduate level both at CICM and TAA. After studying paediatrics with Julian Scott, Rebecca set up The Panda Clinic in Oxford; a clinic solely for the treatment of babies, children and teenagers. Children now make up approximately 80% of her practice. Rebecca is the author of Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers (to be published by Singing Dragon Autumn 2018)

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