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Acupuncture treatment of acute pain and injury

Date(s): 15 - 16 October 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: Acupuncture graduates

Venue: This is an online course

In this exciting two day online seminar John Kelly presents a practical approach to treating acute pain in a busy clinic using a synthesis of acupuncture techniques. These include systems from the late Master Tung and Dr Richard Teh Fu Tan and Robert Doane.  He will combine this with his dynamic understanding of how the main channels, secondary vessels, shu points and extraordinary channels work and interact.

John will show us how to bring rapid relief and recovery in acute cases of many pain conditions including ones which we previously might have avoided.  He will guide us through a step-by-step protocol using hands-on tuition and practice, giving us:

  • An understanding of energy potential - differences and flow
  • Why certain points work better than others
  • Clinical applications of commonly seen acute pain conditions
  • Live patient demonstration of treatment


Having retired from competitive athletics, John Kelly initially studied in the late 1980’s with Giovanni Maciocia and subsequently herbal medicine with Michael McIntyre. He has a special interest in acute pain and injury and understands that many top level athletes need to return to competition or training very quickly. He has been in full time practice in Wicklow, Ireland since 1992.

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