Eve Bentham

Eve has lived in New Zealand, Australia and USA, where she recorded talking books for the blind.  She has also worked for relate and Oxfam.  Since 1994 she has worked as a volunteer at Reading women’s information centre, helping women to help themselves.

Geoffrey Bothamley

Geoffrey has a Master’s degree from Oxford university and an MBA from the London business school.  He spent 10 years in the water industry providing technical and environmental information to developed and developing countries followed by over 20 years in the oil and gas industry working in senior positions in the UK and abroad.  He is a dedicated practitioner of qigong, which he teaches informally, and a firm advocate of acupuncture particularly as a cost-effective treatment for chronic conditions.

Lindy Cox

Lindy was a nurse before she studied at the college, graduating in 1996.  She has a busy practice in Buckinghamshire.  She takes a particular interest in issues directly affecting our students.

Judith Elliott

Judith spent 20 years in publishing and media, running her own corporate communications company and consulting at the EU in Brussels.  She graduated from the college in 1999, practises in Berkshire and lectures on complementary medicine and health.

Ralph Manly

Ralph was head of life sciences and then director of graduate studies at Kingston university where he gained wide management experience in the higher education sector and lectured on a variety of topics ranging from genetics and physiology, through to ecology and pollution studies.  His research interests were in ecotoxicology and environmental analysis.

Roberta Stewart

Chair of the govenors

Roberta is a retired headteacher and secondary school governor.  Her experience of and expertise in managing educational establishments is invaluable to us.  She became involved in acupuncture out of curiosity which has led to years of enhanced energy and wellbeing.  Roberta is a non-touch healer.

Luke Wilcox

Luke is a pupil barrister specialising in public, planning, environmental and property law.  He used to be in the civil service, where he was a parliamentary adviser at the ministry of justice, before joining the house of lords administration as an adviser on constitutional law and policy.  He is also a former qigong tutor at CICM, and retains a particular interest in this aspect of the college's teaching