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Recognising and ‘being with’ trauma in our patients

Date(s): 13 May 2021

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: All Welcome

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading


The Buddha taught in the Four Noble Truths that, there is suffering, a cause of suffering, a cessation to suffering, and a path to the cessation of suffering. As acupuncturists we are often holding our patients suffering and our own, as it co-arises in the treatment room and beyond. How do we acknowledge this tension and still deliver on our best practice intentions?

In this seminar you will learn:

  • About the impact of trauma on the body, qi and shen
  • How trauma moves or disrupts qi and the key signs
  • How to stay present and manage our own qi with a traumatised patient
  • How to honour and work with trauma in a safe and creative way.


The material is an accumulation of my 30 + years of personal exploration of trauma through a combination of acupuncture treatment and psychotherapy.


Aims and objectives of the course:

Appreciate a little more about the impact of trauma and how it presents in our patients, how to stay present with it as a practitioner, and how to work with and treat its presentation.



Charlotte Brydon-Smith is a graduate, lecturer and supervisor at CICM. Her emerging interest is around combining Buddhist Psychotherapeutic understanding of trauma with her understanding of Five Element theory. She is student of the Karuna Institute for Buddhist psychology and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and feels curious about how the two modalities can inform each other in our holding of patient process and enhance our role as practitioner.

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