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Face reading: recognising emotions

Date(s): 18 February 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: All

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Emotions are fiery by nature, as they require both Shen and the strength of the Heart to express them. When emotions are repressed and/or become toxic, they can be considered causative factors of internal inflammation, e.g., trapped fire that is hard to treat if the emotions are not also addressed. This means that the presenting symptom or apparent organ deficiency may not be the real problem. The roots of most diseases can be found in the emotions that underlie the symptoms. The psychological and emotional underpinning of disease can be understood from the Facial Map of the Emotions.  Participants will be given a more in-depth understanding about recognizing emotions on the Face and in the Shen and will be given tools and protocols for dealing with the Emotional Underlay of Disease. They will also be taught how to recognize which treatments are the most appropriate when dealing with the phlegm that accompanies and stagnates due to trapped emotions. Particular attention will be paid to “phlegm misting the heart." Case histories from the clinical application of treating the emotions as a causative factor of disease will be presented.


Lillian Bridges is an internationally renowned specialist in the teaching of facial diagnosis. Her skills are passed down from a long line of Chinese practitioners in her family. Founder of the Lotus Institute, she is the author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine.

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