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Early trauma and the recovery of the spirit

Date(s): 08 July 2016

Time: 10am - 5pm

Eligibility: All

Venue: College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

The interplay of the five shen, seven emotions and Five Elements with Gabriele Hock

“Trauma has the potential to be one of the most significant forces for psychological, social and spiritual awakening and evolution. While trauma can be hell on earth, trauma resolved is a gift from the Gods – a heroic journey that belongs to all of us” (Peter Levine 1997).  At best trauma awakens us to inner resources and deeper, untapped vital potential. How to define and harness this potential will be the purpose of this workshop.  A combination of TCM theory and Trauma therapy with its neurophysiological focus. The day will include theory, clinical examples, practical exercises and some simple diagnostic and therapeutic methods as an adjunct to acupuncture practice.
You will learn from the day:
•    How early trauma can undermine psychological and physical health and wellbeing in adult life.
•    How to integrate the five shen and the seven emotions within the context of five element theory, with latest developments in trauma therapy. 
•    Experience the five shen: zhi, yi, po, yi and shen through felt sense, imagery, relational and cognitive channels.  
•    Become a more hands-on instrument of healing and a mover of qi without needles. 
•    Discover how to bring Daoist teachings learnt from each of the five phases into the clinical setting.
•    Use effective self soothing techniques which patients can take home.   


Gabriele Hock is a senior acupuncturist and psychotherapist who practises in Oxford. As she sees it, trauma therapies and their methods (predominantly developed in the last 20 years) are an organic extension of TCM theory. Some of these methods can be used in place of or as an adjunct to acupuncture practice.

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